Monday, 26 January 2015

Use A Ford 302 Alternator

When replacing an alternator on a Ford 302, proof the honour on the alternator that states the amperage classifying. The alternators differ in their amperage output ratings depending on how the vehicle is equipped. There are no outward appearance changes, nevertheless an alternator that is also tiny for the vehicle Testament tend to overheat and fail still sooner. The plastic connector for the stator should always be thoroughly inspected on account of of a hefty doubt Ford has with this connector melting and overheating. A different connector is always included with the fashionable alternator and should be used provided there are any signs of melting or misplaced insulation.

Remove the alternator.3. Replace the alternator in reverse order of removal.

2. Disconnect the plastic electrical connector and the large battery plus wire from the back of the alternator. Remove the upper and lower bolts securing the alternator to the engine bracket.


1. Remove the serpentine region by using a wrench to change the tensioner away from the belt, thereby relaxing the tension so the belt can be removed. Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery using a wrench.

Move the tensioner To admit space to slide the belt back over the tensioner. Allow the tensioner to repay into place to tighten the belt.