Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Where's The Pcm On The '91 Pontiac Grand Prix

Finding particular parts on your Pontiac is a trouble of reading the owner's volume.


Before hooking up your diagnostic equipment to the PCM, consult the owner's manual for cautions and more detailed information. Consult the link in the Resource section for OBD II PCM error codes, which diagnose problems with the PCM unit itself.

The PCM is the on-board machine for your automobile that controls all your car's engine and transmission systems.


The PCM is located under the electrical center cover on the passenger side of your Grand Prix's engine compartment. The electrical center cover is a large black cover.

Accessing the powertrain government module on your Pontiac with diagnostic Accoutrement can lift you decide error codes and factor failures. The first off process to diagnosing the PCM on your Grand Prix is clever where to bonanza it.

PCM Definition

The PCM is the brains of your engine authority manner.