Friday, 30 January 2015

Identify Water From A Car Exhaust

It is habitual for a dwarf bit of aqua to leak from the rear tailpipe.

It is prevalent for an exhaust manner to drip some douse, especially at start-up and after idling for an long interval. Imbue is created due to condensation in the course when the engine is front started, and as a by-product of the chemical reactions in the catalytic converter. Provided you behold a powerful immensity of fluid coming from your tailpipes, you can probation to study provided you are losing coolant, which can express as chalky smoke absent of the tailpipe.


1. Analysis your driving routine. Soak gets generated from the catalytic converters, nevertheless besides is created by condensation when the exhaust is cool. Short frequent drives during which the exhaust method does not shop for completely febrile are a elder generate of condensation. Slap to brew decided you take the occasional long drive to guarantee the exhaust system thoroughly heats up. Making sure you take frequent long drives helps keep your exhaust system from premature rusting.

2. Check your rear muffler to see if there is a weep hole, and if it is obstructed. Some cars, such as the Ford Crown Victoria, have weep holes in the center bottom of the rear muffler, which are small drainage holes To admit water to vacate the exhaust system (to avoid rust).If coolant is mixing into the exhaust, it will not go away after the engine warms up, and will be more noticeable with heavy throttle. In these cases this can indicate engine wear or damage as the coolant is mixing with the combustion process.

A general rule of thumb is if you see blue smoke from the tailpipe, it means you are burning oil, and if you see white, sweet smelling smoke, that means you are burning coolant. Check your engine bay for coolant leaks. If you discover none, track your coolant level for a couple of weeks to see if the engine is losing coolant.

If the weep hole gets covered or obstructed, this can block water from draining from the muffler, which results in water coming from the tailpipe. You can use a small screwdriver to clear out the weep hole if it has become clogged.3. Check the coolant and oil levels.