Thursday, 15 January 2015

Switch The Fan Inside A Dodge Durango

Your Dodge Durango may keep a mechanical (cummerbund driven) engine cooling fan or an electric engine cooling fan.3. Remove the fan shroud mounting clips that connect the fan shroud (housing) to the radiator, then lift the fan and shroud away from the radiator and out of the engine compartment in one piece and set them aside.4. Place the new fan assembly in the engine compartment and replace the fan shroud mounting clips to associate it to the radiator again.

Disconnect the dissension battery cable in your Dodge Durango and call a Disinfected, dry rag, drudge glove or other non-conductive info to isolate the cable so that there's no opportunity of it slipping back into contact with the battery terminal.

2. Unplug the fan Engine's electrical connector from its wiring harness. Assemble persuaded that you'll be able to locate the wiring harness again; don't let it slip out of sight.

These steps Testament practice to replacing an electric cooling fan in a Dodge Durango and, for the sample novice, should hope for petty augmented than a wrench and something non-conductive commensurate a Disinfected rag. This project Testament share less than an generation.



5. Plug the new fan motor's electrical connector into the wiring harness.

6. Make certain there are no loose tools or parts in your vehicle's engine compartment, then reconnect the negative battery cable.