Monday, 26 January 2015

Switch The Fuel Filter On The 1998 Ford Escort

Modify the Fuel Filter on a 1998 Ford Convoy

The 1998 Ford Convoy relies on a canister shaped fuel filter in the fuel line between the Gauze container and fuel condemn to filter Dregs and debris elsewhere of the petrol before it contaminates the fuel condemn and fuel injectors. Ford Engine Firm recommends replacing this filter every 15,000 miles as chunk of your general perpetuation calendar. Whether you enjoy some basic Car perpetuation skill and approximately 30 minutes of Leisure time on your hands, you can moderate the filter yourself and save the labour charge.

Slide the drop pan under the Escort so it's directly below the fuel filter.4. Pull the fuel line retaining clips upward and out of the fuel line ends where the fuel line connects to the fuel filter using the fuel line disconnect tool.5.

Wait for the engine to stall outside, holding the primary out of the ignition and then reinsert the fuse.

2. Open the hood and look toward the back of the engine well, near the fire wall to locate the fuel filter, which rises up into the engine well in the fuel lines from the undercarriage.



1. Day one the engine. Establish and remove the fuel step fuse from the fuel panel.

Pull the fuel lines off both ends of the filter by hand, take the filter out and set it in the drop pan. Connect the fuel lines to the new fuel filter, push the retaining clips back into position and close the hood.

6. Turn the ignition key to the run position and wait until the fuel pump finishes cycling, which should take about ten seconds. Turn the key off, then back to the run position again. Once the pump cycles a second time, you can start the engine.