Friday, 23 January 2015

Cut Sheet Metal Having A Plasma Torch

A plasma cutter creates plasma by sending electricity completed compressed air. The plasma arc is concentrated in the nozzle of the plasma torch, then directed toward a phase of metal to perform the section.


1. Peruse the plasma cutter operating textbook to familiarize yourself with its controls and components of the plasma cutter.

2. Conduct the nozzle cusp of the plasma torch as shown in the operating handbook and peep the consumable electrode located under the nozzle. Whether the electrode is blackened and has beneath gouging, change the electrode before proceeding To pace 3.

3. Capability on the plasma cutter and locate the amperage dial located on the front of the plasma cutter to the setting specified on the plasma cutter's cutting chart.

4. District the collection of scrap chapter metal onto the surface of the non-combustible worktable. Pull the trigger of the plasma torch to begin the flow of compressed air.8. Start dragging the plasma torch across the surface of the sheet metal after the plasma arc ignites and sparks blow through the bottom side of the sheet metal.

6. Set the nozzle of the plasma torch against the surface of the sheet metal, with the opening of the nozzle on the edge of the metal sheet.

7. Enjoy the world under the reduce open--otherwise sparks from the plasma cutter will blow back toward you.5. Put on the tinted safety glasses and leather gloves.

If you notice sparks coming toward you, slow down your dragging speed To admit the plasma arc to chop back through the sheet metal.

9. Pause when you reach the far side of the sheet metal To admit the plasma torch to free the cut piece of sheet metal.

10. Allow the cut to cool before handling the cut sheet metal.