Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Compress A Large Caliper Piston For That Disc Brakes On The 1993 Honda Accord

The front calipers of the 1993 Honda Accord insert the bulky caliper pistons. Remove half the fluid from the master cylinder in the driver's side engine compartment on the driver's side firewall with a brake fluid baster and discard the old fluid. Replace the cover to the master cylinder.2.

The rear calipers (on applicable rear disc brake models) are about half the size of the front calipers, thus the pistons are also much smaller. No special tools are required to compress the front caliper pistons on the Accord; by contrast, because the rear caliper pistons are integrated with the parking brake mechanism they must be screwed in clockwise to compress, which requires a special caliper retracting tool kit.



Remove the lower caliper guide bolt of the caliper with a metric wrench on the 1993 Honda Accord (with the front axle elevated and the tires removed).

3. Pry the bottom of the caliper off of the lower bridge with a small pry tool and pivot the caliper upward away from the bridge bottom.

4. Place a small piece of plywood against the piston of the caliper, and tighten a C-clamp against the piston so the driving screw of the clamp is against the wood and the top of the clamp is against the inside housing of the caliper.

5. Tighten the clamp until the piece of wood and caliper piston are fully seated in the caliper piston bore. Loosen and remove the clamp.

6. Lift up any sections of the rubber caliper piston boot (surrounded the caliper piston) protruding outward past the caliper piston to release any trapped air inside the boot.

7. Reassemble the brake caliper and lower the Accord to the ground.

8. Pump the foot brake pedal several times until it feels firm. This motion will seat the brake pads to the rotor by extending the brake caliper piston outward. Top the master cylinder off with clean DOT-3 brake fluid and replace the cap.