Friday, 16 January 2015

Use A Starter Solenoid

The solenoid is baggage of the starting mechanism in an engine. When the ignition is turned, the solenoid Testament come into electrical impulses from the battery. This energizes the coils inside the solenoid to assemble a Attractive sphere, which Testament pull on a plunger. The mechanism is designed so that the plunger is connected to a shift lever, which operates the manage Driving-wheel and clutch. These parts can wear absent. When your solenoid malfunctions, you Testament keep to remove it and install a late one.


1. Avow the engine to frigid completely. Case for a little wire that branches off of the con battery cable and leads to the starter. Remove this bad wire from the starter. Advantage a socket wrench to detach the bolt that clasps the wire in area. Disconnect the fine cable afterward to prevent electrical shock. Set the solenoid aliment wire and disconnect it very.

2. Loosen all the bolts and nuts holding the solenoid in dwelling. You Testament require a socket for the bolts and a socket and ratchet for the nuts. Many cars convenience a 3/4-inch socket to remove the solenoid however the bigness may vary from one machine manufacturer to another. Detach the S-terminal eyelet. Besides disconnect the B-terminal eyelet and the ground cable eyelet. Remove the old solenoid and set it aside.

3. Repeat this process to connect the battery cables to the battery. The engine should start now without a problem.

4. Attach the battery wires to the starter in the reverse order that they were disconnected. Connect the positive wire first, then the negative. Place the new solenoid into its position next to the starter. Put the bolts and nuts in place and tighten them with a socket wrench. Use an extension bar if your solenoid is in a hard-to-reach area. Attach and tighten the S-terminal to the solenoid first, followed by the B-terminal eyelet and then complete the connection with the ground cable eyelet.