Monday, 14 December 2015

Change Rear Brakes On The 1997 Ford Taurus

Rear Brake Cylinder

The Ford Taurus' rear brakes applicability brake shoes, which primarily employment with the parking brake. These shoes are installed within cylinders encased by the brake drums. The brake shoes are held and controlled by multiple springs and levers, moulding the rear brakes a convoluted meeting that requires precision when you desideratum to spending money the shoes. Talking with your mechanic is highly recommended before changing them elsewhere.


Accessing the Brake Shoes

1. Practice the parking brake and block the motorcar's front wheels.

2. Stand the van's rear purpose and device it on jack stands.

3. Remove the rear wheels with the lug wrench.

4. Capture off the brake drums by removing any retaining clips and slipping the drum off. You Testament not necessitate to reinstall the clips following.

5. Disinfected off the brake meeting with brake cleaner spray, using a drip pan to take any residue.

Removing the Brake Shoes

6. Depress and turn the retainers for the hold-down springs and pins to remove them from Everyone shoe. This requires pliers or a characteristic belongings from the Car parts store.

7. Slide the brake shoe assembly--including the shoes and springs--down so you can disengage the top ends of the shoes from the cylinder and tilt them to lift them foregone the retaining plate.

8. Unhook the lower retracting spring from the front brake shoe to disconnect it. Spread the shoes apart at the backside to remove the adjusting screw, the screw's retracting spring and the adjuster lever. Remove the front brake shoe.

9. Pull the parking brake cable spring back with diagonal cutting pliers, hire the cable with the pliers without cutting it, unhook the cable from the parking brake lever and remove the rear brake shoe with the lever.

10. Connect a cutting edge washer and retaining clip onto the lever and crimp it closed with pliers.12. Install the parking brake cable within the lever and hook the lower retracting spring onto the brand-new rear and front brake shoes. Slide the shoes down and onto the cylinder's retaining plate.

Disconnect the parking brake lever from the rear shoe by spreading the retaining clip with a screwdriver and removing the clip and its spring washer.

Installing the Brake Shoes

11. Connect the parking brake lever to the replacement rear brake shoe by inserting the lever's swivel pin into the back of the shoe and then wound up the lever.

13. Install the hold-down pin for the rear shoe with its spring and retainer, then contain the adjuster screw meeting into the groove on the rear shoe.

14. Connect the adjuster lever onto the parking brake lever's axle pin and install the front shoe with its hold-down pin, spring and retainer. Stretch and attach the adjuster screw's retaining spring to the adjuster lever using pliers.

15. Connect the drum back onto the brake meeting and pull gone the rubber plug from the backing plate.

16. Turn the star revolve with the backing plate's gap using a thin screwdriver until the brake shoes drag against the drum. Turn it in the different line dispassionate Sufficiently for the shoes to end dragging. Reconnect the rubber plug.

17.Reconnect the wheels and lower the vehivle once you've changed the brake shoes on both sides.