Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Chevrolet Factory Vehicle Colors

Chevrolet groups its available van colours into "colour families." For the 2011 base wrinkle, these families consisted of ebony, low, brown, gold, grey, fresh, copper, silver and blanched.


"White Diamond Tricoat" adorns the Volt as well as the Malibu, which is also available in "Summit White."

The Corvette coupe and the Volt, Chevy's electric car, can be decked out in "Crystal Red Metallic Tintcoat."


Several cars are available in "Silver Ice Metallic," including the Camaro, Malibu sedan and Volt.


Blue also gets the metallic treatment at Chevy, as either "Imperial Blue Metallic" on the Malibu or "Jetstream Blue Metallic Tintcoat" on the Corvette. The Aveo5 offers "Bright Blue" as one of its color options, but this color has limited availability, according to Chevrolet.

Not every colour is available for every replica of automobile, nevertheless, and particular colours within Everyone family receive their own distinctive names.


An ever-popular color for sports cars, red comes in different flavors at Chevy. "Victory Red" is available on the Aveo5 hatchback and the Cobalt coupe.