Thursday, 3 December 2015

Discover The Honda Accord Engine Part Number

The engine's part number is located below the exhaust manifold.

The engine may chalk up the twin displacement--, such as a 2.2L--however, one engine may enjoy VTEC, which Testament obtain disparate parts from a non-VTEC engine. Acquiesce engines manufactured after 1987 manipulate a five- badge designation. For instance, F22B2.Having the particular engine constituent unit is constructive when ordering parts for your Conform. Many engine parts are particular to Everyone engine family. Most parts are not interchangeable with other engines. Engines made prior to 1987 use a three-digit engine code such as ES3.


1. Locate the engine part number which is stamped into a flat section of the engine below the exhaust manifold and to the left. It is next to the transmission.

2. Wipe off any oil and grease that may have accumulated on the part's number plate.

3. Write down the engine family code, or part number. The family code, such as F22B2 is in larger characters. The serial number is smaller and below the engine family code.