Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Get Yourself A Disabled Parking Permit In South Dakota

You are eligible to corral a disability parking bill or disability plates whether you obtain a disability that limits mobility and the endowment to carriage. A Doctor must certify that you equitable one or augmented of the disability conditions as defined by South Dakota rule. Impaired faculty or blindness alone are not conditions that confess disability parking privileges. Peruse on to memorize fetch a disabled parking permit in South Dakota.


1. Review the criteria to qualify for disability placards or plates on the South Dakota Motor Vehicle Division website. Determine if you meet one or more of the conditions so that a physician can certify to the disability.

2. Download and print the "Application for Physically Disabled Parking Permit and License Plates Form 0865v3." Complete Sections A and B if you are only applying for the portable placard. Complete Section C if requesting disabled license plates.

3.4. Submit the completed application including the completed medical certification to your local county treasurer's office. There is no cost for either the temporary or the permanent permit.

Have your physician complete Section D of the application form, which certifies that you meet one or more of the criteria listed. The physician must also indicate whether the disability is permanent or temporary. If it is temporary, the date of the onset of the disability and the expected date of recovery must be shown. A small fee is charged for mailing the disability plates.