Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Switch The Radiator Inside A 2001 Chevrolet Silverado

The radiator in your Chevy Silverado's engine is a genuine far-reaching any of the engine cooling process. Whether the engine coolant is not properly flowing complete the radiator, your Motor lorry Testament overheat besides quickly. You require to exchange a deficient radiator in your engine as soon as practicable. Removing and replacing the radiator Testament vary slightly for the 2001 pattern depending on what type of transmission the Motor lorry is equipped with.



1.11. Reconnect the air intake duct and resonator with its hose clamps.12.

Detach the air intake duct and resonator, loosening the hose clamps with a screwdriver.

4. Disconnect all lines and hoses from the radiator; this includes the coolant surge vehicle hose, the vent tube hose and the lower radiator hose.

5. Disconnect the oil and transmission cooler lines whether equipped, unsnapping the plastic collar and retaining clips. This is particular needed whether the Motor lorry has automatic transmission.

6. Unbolt and remove the cooling fan and its upper fan shroud with a wrench. Pull up the upper fan shroud and Proceeds it from the radiator's retaining tabs.

7. Remove the radiator's mounting bolts and lift it away of the engine.


8. Lower and install the replacement radiator into the engine, moulding positive it seats properly in the lower saddles and its upper brackets are secure. Employ the mounting bolts.

9. Install the lower fan shroud, then the fan and its upper shroud with its mounting bolts.

10. Reconnect all lines and hoses to the radiator. Use the hose clamps with the pliers on the radiator hoses. Connect the retaining clips to the cooler line fittings, snap the lines into place and install the plastic collars on the fittings.

Remove the radiator's remove hose from its aid at the backside, then loosen the extract becoming (it may duty pliers) and remove the engine coolant into a mammoth container.2. Disconnect the upper radiator hose from the radiator and fan shroud, loosening its hose clamps with pliers.3.

Refill the engine coolant. If the old coolant is dirty, replace it with a fresh mix of water and antifreeze.