Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Use A Ford F350 Torque Ripper tools

A torque converter in a Ford F-350 is the Individual link between the Motor lorry's engine and transmission. Perform steps one through three in reverse order to reassemble the drivetrain.

Disconnect the counteractive battery cable. Stand the vehicle off the floor using a hydraulic floor jack and jack stands.

2. Remove the driveshaft yoke bolts and lower the rear neb of the driveshaft. Slide the driveshaft gone of the rear of the transmission.

3. Disconnect the transmission shift linkage, fluid cooler lines, speedometer cable and wiring harness connectors. Collar the transmission from subservient with a floor jack. Remove the transmission bellhousing to engine block bolts and slide the transmission backward as much as possible. Pull the old converter off of the transmission input shaft.

4. Fill the new converter with one quart of fresh transmission and slide it onto the transmission input shaft. Rotate the converter left and right as you slide it onto the input shaft. Three distinct clicks should be heard as the converter engages the outer input shaft, inner lockup shaft and front pump.

5. As such, it is located between the two components, and requires removing the all-inclusive transmission to access. The installation measure takes sorrounding four hours to plenary.