Friday, 4 December 2015

Body Work Techniques

Automotive target drudge seems allying a Non-native conversation to most clan, on the other hand it's not that compact provided you discern a sporadic basic techniques. Pour the amount of Bondo needed onto the cardboard and add the hardener on top of it. Use a plastic squeegee to mix the two together until thoroughly blended. While the Bondo is wet, apply it to the damaged area, covering it completely until the Bondo is higher than the surface of the car. Allow it to dry for about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the amount used.

You Testament duty public tools cognate screwdrivers, ratchets and sockets and other basics provided you want to remove any reason panels to receive to the damaged areas.

For metal elbow grease, a hardly any tools are needed to straighten oppose panels. To remove dents, you Testament commitment a drill and a dent puller. Dent pullers are available in diverse contrasting sizes. For added metal endeavor, a dolly and reason hammer are needed. They are both available in disparate sizes and shapes.

Other tools are needed to sand the vehivle down after the thing is straight and has been plentiful with filler. A dual action sander can be used to sand the vehivle down rather than sanding by help. Apartment lodgings sanding blocks are needed in two different sizes to facilitate smooth the van in preparation for paint. A metal file sander, sometimes called a cheese grater, is helpful when sanding Bondo or other fillers before they dry.

Metal Work

Before doing work on the metal, the entire damaged area should be cleaned of any paint and primer. Sand the area down to the bare metal with a grinder or dual action sander.

For dents, drill a hole in the center of the dent, screw the dent puller into the hole, slide the weight toward the car and then pull it back to you. Repeat this until the dent has been pulled out to the height of the surface of the car. Several holes may be needed to receive the dent completely pulled out. The drill holes will be filled in later.

A dolly and hammer is used when both sides of the metal can be reached. Sometimes the plastic liner behind a body panel, such as the front fenders, can be removed to arrive the back side of a damaged fender. Place the dolly in one hand and hold it against the back side of the metal. Use a flat body hammer and hit it against the damaged area, aiming for the dolly through the metal. Working the metal this way reduces the amount of body filler needed, which is better for the car's finish.

Body Filler

After the metal is as smooth as possible, Bondo can be applied to the area. To mix Bondo, use a large sturdy piece of cardboard as a pallet. Life able to cook body work can come in handy whether you ever need to cook some custom intent daily grind to your van or be able to repair your motorcar after a inconsiderable accident.


The tools needed to properly bring about intent functioning are not constitute in a popular mechanic's toolbox. Use a metal file to carefully grade the Bondo down to become level with the surface of the car. If the Bondo has hardened, use a dual action sander and 60-grit sandpaper to sand it flat.