Friday, 4 December 2015

Replace A 2000 Chevrolet Silverado Alternator

The engine type may slightly vary how the alternator is mounted.

The alternator in your Chevy Silverado is decision-making for forming certain you retain a choice battery. Provided the alternator is not working, the battery Testament break absent of capability appropriate quickly. Removing and replacing an alternator on a 2000 pattern Silverado is mere correlative to changing one on a character of other Silverado models and other vehicles. This is a plain connexion to the Motor lorry's electrical step, so you compulsion to application supreme caution.


1. Disconnect the Silverado's battery at the colorless terminal, loosening the clamp on the dusky cable with a wrench.

Remove the two mounting bolts at the front of the alternator. On a V6 engine, there is a third bolt for the mounting bracket at the rear.5.

3. Loosen the small mounting nut for the output wire with a small wrench and disconnect the wire from the terminal. Disconnect the alternator's electrical connector.

4.2. Loosen the drive-belt tensioner and remove the guide girdle. The tensioner should catch a 3/8-inch socket; you may demand a drive-belt part instead of a regular socket because of the lack of clearance space.

Take the old alternator with you to the parts shop so that you can get an exact replacement and have the shop transfer the alternator pulley if needed.

6. Install the replacement alternator in the bracket and tighten the front bolts to 37 foot-pounds and the rear one, if needed, to 18 foot-pounds. Reconnect the electrical connector and output wire.

7. Reinstall the engine drive belt; check for a diagram on the radiator shroud for the path the belt needs to follow along the pulleys.

8. Reconnect the battery cable.