Friday, 4 December 2015

File A Car Claim With Universal Insurance

Car insurance is one of the most decisive matters you can obtain provided you Often propel.3. Describe what happened to the agent. You'll need to explain where you were when the accident occurred, what happened and what damage was caused. If your provider is Universal Auto Insurance, there are specific instructions you will need to follow to successfully file your claim.


1. Contact Universal's claim line at (800) 525-8835. When asked which option you want, press "5" on your phone.

2. Inform the agent that you want to make a claim. Provide your name, address, policy number and any other information the agent asks for.

Absolutely, it's a requirement in most states To possess Car insurance provided you coerce a machine. Car insurance protects you provided you entertain in an accident. If you have an accident, whether you were on public or private property, you must file a claim with your insurance provider. Also inform the agent where a police report was made.

4. Give the contact information of the other drivers and witnesses, if applicable.