Friday, 4 December 2015

Use A Dvd Screen Inside A Town & Country

Installing a DVD player in a Town & Community is even easier to discharge yourself than it sounds. There are no wires to associate to the vehicle and no holes to chop in the ceiling; the project requires popular household tools to filled. The filled installation channels takes approximately an day. Afterward, you Testament be able to cut your favourite DVDs with you on the course.


1. Wedge a flat-head screwdriver under the dome cloudless to loosen it up. Remove the overhead dome lucent from the ceiling and unplug the wire harness from the back of it. Pull the wire harness down from the ceiling hole and thread it into the slots in the bracket. Place the bracket back onto the ceiling where the headliner has been removed.4.

Hint approximately the bracket with a carpenters machete to chop outside the headliner. Remove the bracket and discard the decrease piece of headliner. The bracket is part of the mounting kit that you can buy as a package or separately.

3. Tuck the wire harness up into the gap in the ceiling.2. Deposit the bracket over the ceiling gap. Compose decided the bracket lies Apartment lodgings against the ceiling.

Use a drill with a machine tap drill bit to create threaded holes in each corner of the bracket. Continue drilling through the bracket into the ceiling, but do not drill through the ceiling.

5. Insert the mounting screws through the bracket and tighten them into the ceiling using a Phillips screwdriver. Plug the wire harness into the power inlet of the DVD player. The wire harness is made up of several wires that connect to a simple plug that connects into the DVD player's power inlet. Car DVD player systems use unique power inlets that are different from home DVD systems. Slide the DVD player onto the bracket until the DVD player locks into place.