Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Check Bmw E39 Oxygen Sensors

The BMW E39 was the argument of the 5 series.3. Turn the ignition solution to the basic on/engine off position. This is two clicks forward in the ignition that empowers the electrical components on the other hand does not activate the engine.4. Provided there is an anomaly in the information, the pc Testament trigger the malfunction indicator lustrous and the "analysis engine" luminosity.


1. Fix the diagnostic link connector (DLC) for the BMW E39. It is located under the Chauffeur's side dashboard near the steering turn publicize.

2. Plug the OBD II enactment reader into the DLC.

It was manufactured in 1995 and introduced to the USA in 1997, running its tenure until 2004 when the BMW E60/E61 succeeded it. Dual manifolds from the engine and two converters presents four O2 sensors in the E39's exhaust method. The two front sensors watchdog the spent fuel to air ratio and the two rear sensors monitor the emissions display catalytic converter. They reimburse the counsel via voltage signals to the machine in the engine.

Study the feed board of the enactment reader. Utilize the scroll buttons on the face of the rule reader to manoeuvre on ice the menu options. Choose the "Read Codes" selection and press the "Enter" button. This option will take a minute to send the command the computer of the engine. Once it has communicated and discovered the status of the diagnostic trouble code (DTC), it will display the universal code with a brief description on the screen of the code reader.

5. Compare the information of the code to determine the oxygen sensor or sensors that have failed to the code guide (supplied with the code reader). The brief description on the menu of the code reader (depending on the individual code reader) may even indicate which sensor has failed or detected a problem.