Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Check A Roadmap Sensor

Map sensors are pieces of Accoutrement located in the engine of your van that recorder and guard the air flow of your vehicle. Every at once and then, you should fall a asap catechism on your map sensor to confirm that it is working properly. You should consult the van jotter to allot the map sensor in that every vehivle pattern is deviating. Moreover, the manual will divulge you what readings are great for your particular van engine. Discrepant model cars have different engines, and the map sensors are programmed differently as a result.

Hook up the jumper wires to the map sensor and the reading device. The reading device will have specific instructions on where to position the wires.3. Turn the engine ignition to the "On" position and take a reading from the map sensor.


1. Detach the map sensor wiring harness once you have located the map sensor.2.

4. Allow the engine to warm up, then take another reading while it is running. This number should be different from the first reading, and should fluctuate while the engine is running. The map sensor will vary according to the car make and model, and the car manual will state what numbers are acceptable. Readings for sedans typically range between 20 and 25 psi, while readings for trucks and bigger vehicles range between 30 and 35 psi on average.