Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Use A Sun Roof Inside A Nissan Altima

Installing a sunroof in a Nissan Altima provides more appropriate ventilation and a bounteous agape perception in the cockpit. Putting a sunroof in a Nissan Altima requires definite tools, precision cutting skills and the Emigration of the dome light in some models. The maximum proportions sunroof for a Nissan Altima is 22 inches Broad and 38 inches lenghty.


1. Prepare the job earth by laying elsewhere all of the tools and sunroof parts, arrange all of the required parts came in the instruments. Push the seats all of the expedient back and insert the interior with a leaf or tarp.

2. Clasp the shade tray on the roof interior and verify there is at least four inches of clearance on Everyone side. Set the sunroof frame in place and connect the clamping ring and screws taking care not to strip or over tighten them.6. Clean up any excess sealant with a rag and assemble remainder of the sunroof by following the instruction in the manual.

Tape the template onto the rooftop using the dimples as a guide. Drill a starter hole through one of the dimples and cut out the roof with metal shears.

4. Smooth the edges with a file and test fit the sunroof frame. Make adjustments if needed and coat the bare edges with primer to inhibit rust.

5. Wipe off the bottom of the sunroof and run a bead of sealant around the lip. Remove the dome flare whether required and pull the headliner elsewhere carefully. Cause persuaded the dome shine wires are elsewhere of the expedient.3. Lay the Screen tray back on the roof and use a screwdriver to make a small dimple in the roof at each corner.

Relocate the dome light or terminate the wires with wire nuts. Replace the headliner, using a razor knife to make any alterations.