Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Switch The Door Lock On The Honda Social

Interchange the Door Lock on a Honda Civic

A damaged lock in your Honda Civic Testament practise it further onerous to receive in and elsewhere of the van. It's much worse whether you mood someone else has gotten control of your decisive, as your security is compromised. Either of these instances is a ground to alter the door locks on your automobile. You want to interchange the lock cylinders on both doors -- dual locks are cheerfully available -- and you Testament straightaway apply a contrary interpretation with the doors than with the ignition.9. Reattach the door handles and the trim panels. Reconnect the window crank if needed.10.

Roll the window all the custom up. Whether the motorcar has instruction windows, disconnect the window Eccentric person from the door using a wire hook on its clip.

2. Remove both inner door handles -- the hasp arm and the pull holder -- by prying absent their small trim covers and removing the screws with a screwdriver. On doors with power windows, pry out the switch panel and disconnect its electrical connector.

3. Pry out the clips for the inner trim panel using a flat trim stick or similar panel removal tool. Lift the panel off the door. Pull off the water shield.

4. Detach the plastic clips connecting the outside handle to the latch and the lock cylinder to the latch. These clips are accessible through the door's access hole.

5. Remove the clip for the lock cylinder and remove it from the outside of the door.

Installing the Door Lock

6. Insert the replacement lock cylinder into the door and secure it with its clip.

7. Reattach the clips that connect the latch to the lock and the outer door handle.

8. Paste the water shield back on the door using its own adhesive. Reattach the inner trim panel with its clips.

The exact modus operandi may vary depending on the year of the Civic.


Removing the Door Lock


Repeat the process for the other door.