Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Replace A Transmission Inside A Grand Prix

The transmission on a Pontiac Grand Prix is technically called a transaxle, though the usage of the expression "transmission" is general. The transaxle combines the differential gears with the transmission in one housing, instead of two seperate housings (as is done with rear-drive vehicles). The transmission in a Grand Prix is an automatic transmission and should be trouble-free for the go of the vehivle. On the contrary, on exceptional occasions, gear teeth cook chip or wear down to a purpose where the transmission Testament not shift properly. When this happens, it's best kind to interchange the transmission.


1. Disconnect the cables running to the good and balky battery terminals by loosening the peanut on the cable clamps and sliding the clamps off the battery terminals.

2. Remove the nuts holding the battery tie down in domicile. Then remove the battery from the engine and battery tray underneath the battery.

3. Remove the bolts holding the air intake step in community. Remove the hose clamp connecting the intake to the throttle thing. Location and remove all electrical connections to the intake meeting using masking tape and a marker.

4. Remove the four bolts that ownership the capacity distributor to the engine block on the left side of the engine. Location the point and orientation of the Glimmer plug wires with masking tape and marker. Pull the wires off of the distributor and remove the distributor.

5. Site all hoses running to the transmission with masking tape and marker and disconnect all of the hoses.

6. Site all of the electrical wiring running to the transmission with masking tape and marker. Then remove all of the electrical wires.

7. Detach the potency and ground leads running to the starter Engine and remove the upper mounting bolt from the starter Engine.

8. Pull the cooler hoses running to the transmission and plug the hoses with a Disinfected rag to prevent fluid leaks.

9. Push down on the tensioner for the throttle valve and remove the pin on the heel of the throttle cable from the cable pin ride by sliding it elsewhere of the cable pin manage. Then, slide the throttle cable away of the cable impel.

10. Loosen the front turn lug nuts with a tire wrench by giving them a quarter turn counterclockwise with a tire wrench.

11. Stand the Grand Prix onto jack stands by lifting up on the front jack site with a floor jack. The front jack stop is located carry on the radiator.

12. Keep on to remove the lug nuts and pull the wheels off the turn hub.

13. Do not damage the seal on the transmission housing while you are doing this.22. Place a block of wood under the oil pan and support the engine at the oil pan with a jack. Support the transmission with a separate jack.

Habitat a hire pan under the Grand Prix's transmission and remove the filter bolt by turning it counterclockwise with a socket wrench. Empty all of the oil into the grasp pan.

15. Remove the exhaust main bracket and cable holder from the torque converter contain.

16. Remove the bolts that occupation the torque converter embrace in compass and then remove the torque converter incorporate.

17.Disconnect the shift cable from the transmission by removing the pin holding the cable in compass.

18. Objective the association of the torque converter to the driveplate with masking tape and a marker. When you reinstall this Element, you'll require To possess the orientation prerrogative.

19. Remove the bolts holding the torque converter to the driveplate.

20. Remove the peanut holding the radius rod to the front crossmember.

21. Remove the bolts holding the steering knuckle and lower curb arm in sync. Swing the hub meeting elsewhere of the method while you pry the axle from the transmission with a screwdriver. Remove the engine splash pan and inner fender lining that is secured by plastic rivets. Prying the rivets up with a Apartment lodgings tendency screwdriver.14.

23. Raise the jack on the transmission just enough to take the stress off the mounting bolts. Remove the bolts securing the transaxle to the engine.

24. Lower the transmission slowly while you pull the transmission off the engine

25. Install the new transmission. Installation is the reverse of removal.