Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Change A Brake Master Cylinder On The Honda Social

The Honda Civic is a reliable, long-lasting motorcar. Perpetuation needs are low for this vehivle. But one important lot of Accoutrement that needs popular tuneups is the braking manner. The adept cylinder is a Slogan that controls the brake fluid in your Civic's brake lines. Install the new cylinder on the firewall by screwing the mounting bolts into their mounting holes and reinstalling the brake lines on the master cylinder with the crescent wrenches.6. Fill the master cylinder up with the manufacturer recommended brake fluid.7.

1. Locate the master brake cylinder underneath the hood of your car. It is white with a black cap and is located on the driver's side of the firewall.

2. Unscrew the black cap and use the fluid removal tool to remove as much brake fluid as you can.

3. Use the crescent wrenches to unscrew the brake lines from the right side of the master cylinder. Then unscrew the mounting bolts holding the cylinder to the firewall.

4. Discard the old cylinder.

5. Essentially, whether one establish of brakes were to fail (front or back) the skilled cylinder ensures that the other establish would not fail and Testament spare you to slow to a blockade. Sometimes the proficient cylinder Testament fail and longing replaced. To save bankroll on labour costs, any internal mechanic can transform this baggage in a unmarried afternoon.


Bleed the brake lines by opening the drain plugs on each of the four brake calipers (one on each wheel).

8. Allow the brake fluid to drain out for a few minutes while pumping the brake pedal.

9. Tighten the drain plugs and test drive the car.