Thursday, 15 October 2015

Rare Colors Of Cars

Some vehivle colours are rarer than others.

In Russia, however, green was the second most popular car color in 2009, making up nearly 20 percent of cars purchased there.

Yellow and Gold

The 2009 report found that only about 1 percent of sales involved yellow or gold cars. "Hornet" yellow and Aztec gold are names that have been used for rare shades. Bright and flashy yellow colors are sometimes used for especially sporty or limited-edition car models, but are not common for mass-market sales.


In 2009, the Dupont Colour Popularity Report found that only 11 percent of global car sales involved vehicles with the color blue. Some rare antique cars sport rare shades of "razor" or "electric" blue and turquoise. Blue did gain a 1 percent popularity ranking in North American car purchases. In India, blue was more popular, ranking as the fourth most purchased color.


The 2009 report found that only 1 percent of global sales involved cars with the color green. Emerald, lime and "toxic" green are shades that are especially rare on cars.The DuPont Colour Popularity Announcement analyses and predicts global machine colour trends by region and design type. For instance, silver was the most popular colour approximately the heavenly body in 2009, on the contrary in North America, ashen was the most accepted for SUVs, followed by silver, coal, burgundy and grey. Some colours are rarer on the roads, including low, flourishing and offensive.