Thursday, 29 October 2015

Install Rear Shocks On The Ford F150

Replacing the rear shock absorbers of a Ford F-150 is so straightforward, you might answer the most dense chip approximately it choosing the exactly type, dimensions, and factor of shock absorbers to install. Remove the nut, a flat washer and rubber bushing from the stem. Loosing the lower retaining bolt nut and remove it. Remove the bolt from the lower shock bracket. Too, object in the maximum load the Motor lorry is practicable to take. The top-end shocks are air shocks and spring-assisted, closely followed by gas-charged. At the backside are standard, oil-filled units.


1. Jack up the rear axle of the Ford F-150. Place jack stands directly under the axle. Do not place the jack stands under the body and let the rear axle overextend when the shocks are removed.

2. Hold the upper shock stem in place and loosen the retainer nut. Trucks compass characteristics that complicate the question. Chip of the lifetime their contents beds are empty, while at other times they bear weighty loads of differing weights. The ace street to decide what you occasion is to consider approximately the system your Motor lorry is in fact used the most: for hauling, going off-road, or running empty. Remove the shock.

3. Install a flat washer and rubber bushing over the stem of the new shock. Guide the stem into the upper shock mount. Install the lower shock into the lower mount and install the mounting bolt and nut. Place a rubber bushing, flat washer, and nut onto the upper stem. Tighten the nut, but do not over-tighten and deform the upper bushing.