Monday, 19 October 2015

My Dodge Ram Will not Start

A Dodge Ram that won't open may acquire a dead battery or a all the more amassed confused poser.

Dodge Ram is a pickup Motor lorry pattern manufactured by the Chrysler chain in that 1981. Thanks to its introduction, the Ram has undergone assorted conception makeovers, accounting for four generations of Dodge Ram trucks. The handle "Ram" comes from the hood Ornamentation of 1930s-era Dodge cars. These trucks are famend for their heavy-duty performance, having won Engine Trend Periodical's Motor lorry of the Year award in 1994, 2003 and 2010. But, the performance of the Motor lorry cannot be appreciated provided it won't open. Whether your Dodge Ram won't begin, you Testament acquire to proof diverse components.


1. Trial to glare whether the battery is dead by turning the principal and observing if indicator lights on the instrument Swarm are working. Whether the lights on the panel close not functioning, your battery may be dead. This Testament demand a bounce inception or replacement battery.

2. Attach the positive side of a set of jumper cables to the positive terminal of your battery and ground the negative side of the cable by clamping it to your truck frame. Connect the other end of the jumper cables to another vehicle in the same manner. Start the engine of the second vehicle and idle it to charge the dead battery of your Dodge Ram.

Check that the spark plug wires are connected properly to generate a spark that can start the engine. Check the spark plugs themselves to ensure their electrodes are in good shape and that they don't have excess carbon buildup.5.

3. Check to ensure that your Dodge Ram has adequate oil and fuel levels for starting the engine. If your battery is not dead, the fuel level gauge will rise to disclose the amount of fuel in your tank.4.

Check to see if the connectors to the mass airflow sensor are plugged in. If these connectors are loose, they are likely preventing your truck from starting.

6. Check to see if all your fuses are in good shape and replace any blown fuses.

7. Remove the cap from the Schrader valve on the intake fuel rail and depress the valve, making sure the key is turned to "on." If fuel comes out, the intake is receiving fuel. If no fuel comes out, you may have a bad fuel pump.

8. Tap on the starter a few times with a long screwdriver and then try to begin the truck. If your starter has gone bad, you will need to replace it, but a few taps will usually get it to turn the engine over until you can get a new starter.