Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Nissan Altima Getting too hot Problems

You cook not wish your van's engine to overheat.

The Nissan Altima was introduced to the USA in 1993. It has developed a name for reliability. The Samarins website, which reviews used cars, has famous that leaking coolant is a weakness in the 1993 to 2001 models. Overheating can occur at the most inopportune mo. It is preferable to spot irregularities in the cooling development before they carry lifetime to ruin your generation.


Front rotate impel autos, such as the Altima, are equipped with an electric radiator fan. Two electric fans are the deeper conventional in newer vehicles. The fans should be turning provided the van overheats.

A coolant leak may all the more be occurring still though there is no evidence on the garage floor. Whether that is the occasion, the agency may be a cracked head gasket. The coolant Testament be introduced into the cylinder attitude in this instance.

Electric Fan

The imbue pump and thermostat hose Trimmings should be secure. No coolant drops should be under the vehivle. The even in the coolant recovery vat should always be at the abundant below zero commensurate. Sensors in the radiator and the engine block switch the fans on when the coolant reaches a specific temperature. If not, the relays, fan motor and fuses to the fan should be checked.

Water Pump

Inoperative water pumps can cause an engine to overheat. If pump problems exist, check the belt tension. If the tension is weak, tighten the drive belt or have it replaced.

Excessive leaking means the inner seals are bad. Defective bearings make noise and can lead to excessive play in the pulley shaft. The remedy is to replace the water pump.

Air Dams

Plastic air dams are located on the front of new cars and their purpose is to direct air to the radiator and air conditioner condenser at highway speeds. The air dams get damaged by curbs, potholes and collisions with animals.


An overheating engine must be addressed instantly. Bent cylinder heads, cracked head gaskets and or engine replacement can be the result of overheating. They are also expensive problems to fix.