Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Make Use Of An Air Saw To Chop Wood

An air axiom is a motorized epigram that hooks up to an air compressor. The adage uses pneumatic capacity to movement the maxim blade back and forth, cutting the information for you. Air saws are aggrandized convincing than usual guide saws, and can divide completed wood, steel, aluminium and other laborious materials. To brew an air epigram becoming for wood cutting, you must grip the correct blade.

Always hold the saw with both hands. Release the trigger to stop the blade once you are done cutting the wood.

Set the air compressor to 90 lbs. per square inch.

2. Open the blade clamp with an Allen wrench. Slip the hole in the top of the wood cutting blade over the stud inside the clamp. Tighten the clamp back down with the Allen wrench.

3. Set the blade of the saw on the piece of wood you want to chop and pull the saw's trigger to activate the sawing motion. Guide the saw blade down into the piece of wood you are cutting.


1. Turn on the air compressor with the hose hooked up to blow the line free of dust. Connect the hose to the bottom of the air saw.