Monday, 26 October 2015

My Jeep Is Delayed And Will not Start

Troubleshoot your Jeep to receive it running again.

The Jeep is an all-purpose off-road vehicle. There are distinct reasons why a Jeep could stall and not engender back up. You may obtain a damaging battery or a defective starter. You can troubleshoot to jewel elsewhere what is awry with your Jeep and fling to receive it up and running before resorting to a mechanic.



1. Turn the ignition and turn on your headlights.

2. Get out of the Jeep and look to see if your headlights come on.

3. Open your hood if the lights do not come on.

4. Look over your battery for any corrosion. Use a screwdriver to scrape the corrosion off the battery. Use caution when doing this. Battery acid can harm your skin and clothes.

5. Pop the hood on your Jeep and follow the red cable coming from your battery to the starter. This is shaped like a soda can but larger.12. Use a screwdriver to connect the two poles on the starter.

6. Get another vehicle and pop the hoods on your Jeep and the other vehicle.

7. Connect the red end of your jumper wires to the red connection on your Jeep. Connect the other red end to the red connection on the other car.

8. Connect the two back ends to the black connections on the cars.

9. Turn the other car on.

10. Start your Jeep and let it run for at least 5 minutes to give the battery a good charge.


11. Tighten the connections from your battery to the terminals. Turn your Jeep back on.

Jump Start

Lay the screwdriver across the two poles to form a circuit.

13. Listen for the starter to let off a sound. If you hear the starter run then the starter is OK. If it is not running, you need to replace the starter.

14. Make sure the connection from the starter to the battery is complete. Tighten the connection if needed.

15. Test the alternator at an auto parts store if the starter is working but the Jeep still will not turn on.