Monday, 26 October 2015

Stop A Backflow Preventer From Seeping

A cylinder wrench Testament concede you to remove the backflow preventer.

A backflow preventer is a plumbing Slogan that prevents irrigate inside the territory from time to come back into the avail saturate lines. The backflow preventer is required by building codes in all the more of the homeland and commonly installed by the drench supply collection. Over day, the backflow preventer can dawn leaking and originate you to misspend dilute. Many times, you can repair the leak in a backflow preventer after right diagnosing the antecedent.


1. Boast the globe where the backflow preventer is leaking. Use a pipe wrench to shut the water supply valve. Use the wrench to remove the backflow preventer by removing the threads holding the preventer.4.

Many times the backflow preventer becomes loose, and retightening the threads can stop the leak.

3. Remove the backflow preventer if the device itself is leaking. Close the water supply main at the water meter. Whether the backflow preventer is leaking from the thread, it can be repaired. Provided the backflow preventer itself is leaking, it should be replaced.2. Tighten the threads holding the backflow preventer with the pipe wrench if the backflow preventer is leaking by the threading.

Spread pipe thread compound on the threads of the end of the plumbing pipes where the backflow preventer was connected.

5. Connect the new backflow preventer to the pipes by securing it in place with the pipe wrench.

6. Turn on the main water supply and check for leaks. If the backflow preventer is leaking through the threads, keep tightening until it stops leaking.