Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Aftermarket Sunroofs & Seeping

Aftermarket sunroofs endure a typical Election among drivers.

Leak Causes

Drainage tubes blocked by leaves or dirt commonly cause leaks. Wipe the troughs of the sunroof down with a wet rag and blow compressed air through the tubes to clear away any blockages. Leaking rubber seals or improperly installed sunroofs require a visit to a sunroof installation shop

Machine engineers model the roof of the vehivle environing the factory-installed sunroof and construct particular adjustments to assure the most watertight seal possible. Installing an aftermarket sunroof requires cutting a hole in the roof and headliner. This predisposes the aftermarket sunroof to leakage.

If electric or volume, sunroofs exist in a assortment of sizes and styles. While some automobile owners choose to shop for vehicles with sunroofs already installed, other drivers may choose the aftermarket choice.

Aftermarket versus factory installed


Ask about warranties on any work completed by the sunroof installer. Make sure to receive the warranty in writing. Inquire with your vehicle manufacturer as to whether or not the installation of an aftermarket sunroof voids the warranties for any part of your vehicle.