Thursday, 22 October 2015

Replace A Caliper Inside A Kia Spectra

In a Kia Spectra, prize any vehicle, replacing a brake caliper is a dicy effort. Replacing brake pads is one part, on the contrary changing a caliper is crowing recommended for a trained mechanic. Should you case to transform a caliper in your Spectra yourself, compose persuaded it's properly installed and lubricated to prevent sticking. Consult with an Professional fundamental.


Removing the Old Caliper

1. Remove the tire and turn meeting once the machine is securely raised. Application the five-star imitation to remove the lug nuts, removing the seed across from the one formerly removed.

5. Install the new caliper onto the rotor or bracket. Tighten the front guide pin bolts to 19 foot pounds to 21 foot pounds and the rear lock bolts to 22 foot pounds to 29 foot pounds.6.

3. Extract the guide pin bolts on the front caliper or the lock bolts on the rear caliper. The caliper should now pivot upward from its mount and slide off the pin boot.

4. Attach the wheel back on and lower the vehicle. Test the brakes, first by pumping them until they feel firm and then on the road.

Installing the New Caliper

2. Detach the brake hose from the caliper, toss absent the washers on the becoming bolt and plug the hose. Remove the parking brake cable and clip on a rear caliper.

Connect the brake hose to the caliper. Use new washers with the bolt. Tighten the bolt to 9 foot pounds to 13 foot pounds on a front caliper and 16 foot pounds to 22 on a rear caliper.

7. Reinstall the parking brake cable and clip on a rear caliper.

8. Fill the master cylinder to the maximum with clean brake fluid and bleed the brakes. Have someone else apply pressure to the pedal while you loosen the bleed screw on each wheel to let air escape from the system.