Monday, 19 October 2015

Find Your Wiper Edge Size

Wiper blades are sized in inches and sizing your blades is as cinch as using a tape degree.

Wiper blades are sized in inches and finding the morals measurement of your blades is easily accomplished. Wiper manufacturers Often bear sizing guides on their websites and Car parts stores and reduction retailers much afford sizing catalogues in their windscreen wiper branch. Provided you arrange not acquire access to these money, you can determine the size of your wiper blades by using a tape measure. Be sure To gauge both driver side and passenger side wipers, as they usually differ.


1. Lift the driver side wiper blade off of the windshield.

2. Press on the blade so that the blade itself is flat, as opposed to curved.

3. Measure the wiper blade from end to end with a tape measure.

4. The passenger side blade will likely have a smaller measurement.

Jot the measurement down, and lower the blade back to the windshield.5. Repeat this process with the passenger side blade.