Thursday, 29 October 2015

Install Vehicle Inside Window Tint

Installing Car tinting protects your vehicle's interior from harmful UV damage and cools vehivle so your air conditioner doesn't chalk up to duty so rigid. Tint very acts as a theft deterrent by limiting in the visibility into your machine.


Preparing the Window

1. Combine 1 qt. water with 1/2 tsp. descendant shampoo in a spray bottle. To avoid over sudsing, add the soap to the saturate and stir.

2. Spray both the interior and exterior with the brew and Disinfected the glass with a paper towel.

3. Scrape anything left on the glass carefully with a razor blade, however be careful not to scratch the window.

4. Disinfected your window again using the soap mixture.

Preparing the Tint

5. Lay the butcher paper on the outside of the window and trace the window. When you apply the tint, it goes on the inside.

6. Cut the tint using your butchers paper as a guide.

7. Peel back the top half of the plastic backing from the tint. Spray the tint and the window with your soap mixture.

Applying the Tint

Move out the water with the squeegee, but don't stretch the tint.10. Peel off the rest of the plastic backing.11.

8. Line up the tint with the top of the window on the inside.9. Use a squeegee to smooth out a portion of the tint in the center of the window.

Continue smoothing out all bubbles and wrinkles with the squeegee, moving from the inside out.