Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Eclipse Front Bumper Removal

Removing the Mitsubishi Eclipse bumper takes two jackstands and a socket wrench.

Removing the Mitsubishi Eclipse bumper is occasionally vital for some repairs and after-market modifications. Removing the bumper provides easier access to the headlight, foglights and forward universe of the engine bay. Further, removing the bumper allows for easier bodywork changes when adding supplementary driving lights or other accessories. Aloof commemorate when doing the duty to "brunt" duck egg. Any bout there is resistence, recheck all fasteners and construct persuaded all is disconnected to assemble for a smooth and energetic career.

Jack Stands

Embrace a jack stand under Everyone of the forward axles, and lift the Eclipse approximately 5 inches. It Testament be required to receive under the automobile next to access some of the fasteners securing the front bumper.

Engine Bay and Wheel Wells

Remove the five considerable hex attitude bolts lined in front of the hood clasp. Be careful not to allow the bumper to tip, or the trailing edge could rise up and scratch the upper body work.


There are four plastic push clips on a lip extended down about 2 inches under the Eclipse. Remove all these clips. There are also some hex bolts, but no need to remove those. They secure the plastic bodywork to the bumper frame.

Inside the Bumper

You can get access to the bumper's interior with the external fasteners removed. Remove all the hex bolts securing the bumper to the Eclipse's frame. These are located over the turn signal lights. Disconnect all the electrical connections to the various light and accessories. A large vertical hex bolt is exposed on both wheel wells with the wheel well liner disconnected. Remove both. Two very large hex head bolts secure the bumper forward to the frame. Remove all four bolts, two on each side of the Eclipse.

Removing the Bumper

The bumper is now free to remove. Slide it out forward, and carefully move the bumper away from the Eclipse. Remove the clips securing the aft extreme of the bumper in the circle great. Turn the wheels "absent" for easier access to the shove hardy's forward globe. Remove the two immense hex sense bolts at the end the revolve securing the bumper frame. Turn the wheels the crosswise direction and do the second wheel well.