Thursday, 29 October 2015

Save A Defunct Golf Buggy Battery

The 6 volt prompt acid battery is the customary for appropriateness in golf carts and other insufficient recreational vehicles. Whether a golf cart battery goes dead and won't take a charge, it may be due to sulfation. This occurs when over-draining the battery causes sulphur from the acid in the battery To gather on the facade pates, blocking contemporary flow. You may be able to save a dead golf cart battery by using a universal household chemical, magnesium sulphate (more useful declared as Epsom salts) to remove the sulphur.


1. Remove the battery from the golf cart. Always wear safety goggles and protective gloves. Golf cart batteries, cherish other heavy acid batteries, incorporate sulphuric acid which can account bent on chemical burns. Reinstall the battery. First, turn the charger off and then remove the leads. Replace the cell caps and put the battery in the golf cart.

3. Remove the plastic caps on top of the battery (called cell caps) and remove the aqua from the battery. Handle a funnel to fill Everyone cell with the Epsom piquancy notion. Shake the battery to make sure the solution is evenly distributed.

4. Recharge the battery using a three-stage lead acid battery charger. This type of charger is moderate in price and can be used with any lead acid battery. Setting the charging voltage at 2.30-2.35 volts per cell will help with removing the sulfur from the lead plates and to maximize the remaining life of the battery. Be sure the charge is turned off when you connect the leads to the battery terminals (positive to positive and negative to negative). Turn the charger on and allow the battery to charge overnight. A three-stage charger automatically switches to trickle charge when charging is complete.

5. Employment a crescent wrench to loosen the battery cables.2. Prepare a meaning of approximately eight ounces of Epsom salts to two quarts of distilled hose (it's easier to dissolve the salts whether the saturate is scorching). Bring about not application tap dilute, which contains chemicals that Testament damage a battery. Use a crescent wrench to make sure the battery cables are securely fastened. The battery should now function normally. Repeat the charging process a couple of times over the next week to fully restore the battery's storage capacity.