Thursday, 15 October 2015

Replace A Radiator Inside A Plymouth Neon

Over bit, your vehicle's radiator can corrode and wear outside, causing leaks and overheating. Whether you admit a Plymouth Neon, replacing the radiator is a quite ball-buster project thanks to you committal to remove indefinite engine components. On the other hand, provided you include mechanical distinguish how, you may wish to tackle the business and save yourself some cash. Here's moderate the radiator in the universal 2001 Plymouth Neon.


1. Disconnect the detrimental battery cable. Loosen the void on the backside of the radiator and let the engine coolant bleed into a resealable container.

2. Remove the upper radiator hose and disconnect the electrical connector on the fan Engine. Receipts off the radiator fan meeting. Whether your Neon is equipped with automatic transmission, disconnect the automatic transmission hoses and cap them securely.4. Lift the radiator carefully out of the engine compartment. If your Neon has air conditioning, attach the air conditioner condenser to the new radiator.

Remove the lower radiator hose.3. Take off the air conditioner condenser screws, if your Neon is equipped with an air conditioner. Tilt the condenser forward.

5. Seat the new radiator in the mounting holes and tighten the bracket screws according to specifications with a wrench. Install the lower radiator hose and position the hose clamp to avoid interference with other engine components. If your Neon has an automatic transmission, reinstall the cooler lines.

6. Install the radiator fan and connect the fan motor connector. Install the upper radiator hose and position the clamp so it doesn't interfere with the hood or the engine.

7. Fill the radiator with a mixture of half antifreeze and half distilled water. Start the car and let it run until the engine warms up. Check the fluid levels and add more fluid, if necessary.