Monday, 26 October 2015

My 1991 Ford Taurus Will not Start

There are some matters to envisage when your 1991 Ford Taurus won't launch.

The Taurus is a sedan that is manufactured and sold in America by Ford Engine Convention. The Taurus has been in Industry in that 1985 with the 1986 representation vitality the fundamental to be released. Honorable as with any sedan, the Ford Taurus may hog dilemma starting on some occasions, expressly whether your example is a inconsiderable bit older. Before calling a know onions, you can save continuance and bill by checking a uncommon matters yourself.


1. Turn the major in the ignition to slap and foundation the engine. Whether the interpretation won't turn at all, this may be the rationale you are unable to begin the engine. Provided the steering borderline is not in the prerrogative position, the primary may not turn at all. Fling turning the steering rotate to the left and correct until you hear a click indicating that the steering string is true positioned and then pop to turn the main again.

Pull each one out and check to be sure that the fluids are fill at least to the minimum fill lines. There could be a leak or problem with the engine if the fluids are not fill properly. Fill them with the appropriate fluids and try to begin the engine of your Taurus again. After adding the gallon of fuel, try starting the engine again.

3. Release the hood by pulling the hood release lever inside the car. Open the hood and locate the oil and coolant dipsticks.2. Add one gallon of deserved fuel to the receptacle to be confident that there is Sufficiently gas in the car for the engine to begin properly. The gauge may be incorrect and if there is not enough gasoline in your 1991 Ford Taurus, the engine may have problems starting.

4. Check the battery of your Ford Taurus. Turn the key to the "accessories" position and turn on the headlights or interior lights. If they do not light up, there may be a problem with the battery. In some cases it may need to be jump started or charged but in an older model, the battery may need to be replaced completely.

5. Attempt to begin the engine by turning the key in the ignition. Listen for any sounds that may be a sign of certain problems with the ignition switch, starter, or fueling system. No sound at all could mean a bad ignition switch. Clicking sounds could indicate a bad starter. If the engine starts briefly but then shuts off or sputters out, there could be a problem with the fueling system which includes a fuel pump, filter, and line.

6. Call on a professional mechanic by having your 1991 Ford Taurus towed to a garage or dealership. With an older model, there could be any number of issues when the vehicle won't start. The Ford dealership will be able to do any special diagnostic testing or repairs related to the car's age or model.