Monday, 19 October 2015

Repair An Exhaust Pipe

An exhaust leak can be poor

Having a gap in the exhaust of your van is one of those nuisance repairs that require to be false. Not alone can a gap in the exhaust add to the caterwauling equivalent of the van, in truth considerably at times, on the contrary it can further concede fumes into the passenger compartment. Without a welder, there's truly no hook to fabricate a permanent set for an exhaust, however there is a quite effortless way to eliminate the hole in the exhaust until you have the time and money to receive a new one.


1. Remove the top and bottom from a tin can. Use a normal can opener and an empty food tin.

Slide the hose clamps over both ends of the tin can and tighten the clamps down with a flathead screwdriver.

Cut a straight line through the can with a tin snips.

4. Locate the hole in the exhaust. You'll want to wear some work clothes for this operation as it requires sliding around under the car.

5. Place a metal hose clamp on either side of the hole in the exhaust. Secure, but don't tighten down.

6. Slide the tin can over the hole in the exhaust and squeeze the can until it's tight around the exhaust.

7.2. Rinse the can out thoroughly with hot, soapy water and wipe it dry with a towel.3.