Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Obtain The Chubby Tummy Lower On The 2006 Gmc

You can lower the spare on your GMC without getting soiled

Insert the ribbed square end of the extension into the hole in the rear bumper until it reaches the lowering mechanism.5. Place the lug wrench from the tool pouch onto the other end of the jack handle extension and turn it in a counter-clockwise direction until the spare tire reaches the ground.


1. Access the tire changing tools by removing the tire jack carry on the seat, or remain the rear seat in extensive cab models. Loosen the wing peanut that holds the jack in a counter-clockwise trail. Lift up the jack and allot it aside.

2. Remove the wing fan that secures the thing pouch by spinning it counter-clockwise. Place the follower aside. Remove the tire changing tools from the belongings tools pouch.

3. Frank the plastic cover located on the back bumper next to the license plate by hand. Use your ignition key to open the cover if your truck has the locking spare tire option.

4. Push the two long straight jack handle extensions from the tool pouch together until they click.GMC is a division of Usual Motors Collection that manufactures flashing trucks and sport service vehicles. Recent GMC and Chevrolet (and owned by GM) trucks are nearly matching and are manufactured on the identical meeting lines, although the GMC sports exclusive front borderline styling. Most manufacturers of glassy trucks install the spare tire underneath the rear haul Bedstead to save extension in the Bedstead itself. To access the spare tire on older trucks, you had to crawl under the Bedstead, loosen the bracket, and lower the spare tire by fist. You can lower the spare tire on your 2006 GMC in fair-minded a meagre minutes and without having to crawl under the vehicle .

6. Remove the lug wrench from the jack handle extension. Use the hooked end of the wrench to snag the tire lowering cable and pull it towards you to slide the tire from under the vehicle.