Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Kinds Of Rear View Mirrors

Rear-view mirrors propoundment additional visibility and awareness to a Chauffeur without him needing to gate Place out from the pathway ahead. The Correct applicability of rear-view mirrors is one of the most basic driving safety measures. Throughout the legend of the van, lone four types of rear-view mirrors gain been developed and proven convincing.

Universe of perspective complete a side mirror

Overhead Rear-View Mirror

The overhead mirror is maybe the most Often used rear-view mirror and is obligatory by constitution in most areas. This mirror is most commonly glued to the top of the windscreen and offers a Broad rear glimpse with the least vastness of crack. The cool scope of opening for this mirror are for objects located directly at the end and contradiction the Chauffeur, with blind spots located normally at 90 to 30 degrees counter the Chauffeur. Wider, comprehensive overhead mirrors are available and can extremely dilute these blind spots.

Side Mirror

The side-view mirror is most commonly located out the motorcar near the front-door benefit "A" pillar. The convex mirror is typically small and comes with an adhesive backing for application on existing mirrors.


Rear-view cameras have been growing in popularity in recent years.

This mirror is mandatory for only the driver's side of the vehicle, but most auto manufacturers today place them on both sides of the vehicle. The side mirrors offer a view of objects next to and behind the vehicle, with similar blind spots to the overhead mirror at 30 degrees.


A convex mirror is made in the shape of a dome, and though reflections are distorted, this mirror can greatly improve the driver's view of surrounding objects that may be in the blind spots of the other mirrors.

These cameras are typically only a fraction of an inch in size and can be stealthily mounted on the back of the vehicle. Rear-view cameras are on a closed circuit with a small screen located on the dashboard of the vehicle and offer a clear picture of objects that are otherwise unseen in rear-view mirrors. These are most commonly found on luxury cars and large recreational vehicles like motor homes.


Mirrors have a tendency of distorting images and can often mislead a driver of existing surroundings and not displaying every object that may be present. Always turn your head to double check blind spots when performing maneuvers like parking and changing lanes.