Monday, 22 December 2014

Change Brake Rotors Simultaneously As Brake Pads

Convert Brake Rotors at the Equivalent Continuance As Brake Pads

Brake pads and brake rotors are the two most foremost components of an anti-lock braking development. The assistance of the brake pads is completely reliant upon the process of the braking rotors and vice-versa. When changing brake pads, it is clever to besides gaze the braking rotors. Rotors that are scored beyond repair or warped wish replacement. Brake pads compulsion to be replaced when the wear indicators connected to the pads bring about to cook contact with the rotors. It is not one shot practicable to silver the brake rotors at the identical generation as the brake pads, it is recommended.


Replacing the Brake Pads

1. Loosen the lug nuts on the wheels with the tire iron. Lift the vehicle with a lifting jack, district jack stands below the frame of the vehicle, remove the lug nuts then pull the wheels from the circle bolts.

2. Remove the caliper bolts with a 13 mm wrench. The caliper is the metal apparatus that surrounds a collection of the braking rotor. It contains the brake pads and the caliper pistons that enforcement the pads into contact with the rotor during braking. The two caliper bolts are on the inside wall of the caliper, the side adjacent to the frame of the vehicle.

3. Pull the caliper outside from the rotor. Remove the brake pads from the inside walls of the caliper. Depending on the vehicle, you may necessitate to employment a Apartment lodgings mind screwdriver to disengage the thin metal clips that influence the brake pads to the caliper. Other vehicles Testament simply wish you to slide the brake pads from the sides of the caliper by artisan.

4. Manage the hood of the vehicle and fix the crack cylinder; it is normally near the windscreen on either the Chauffeur's or passenger's side. Remove the cap from the masterly cylinder.

5. Domicile the C-clamp encircling the caliper piston and the gone wall of the caliper. Twist the C-clamp, forcing the caliper piston against the side of the caliper.

Pull the rotor from the circle bolts on the vehicle. Whether the rotor is stuck to the wheel bolts, spray the spin bolts and the rotor surface with chain lubricant. Spray one rotor and one's all to remove the other rotor while the chain lubricant works to support the bond. Whether the rotor is even stuck to the steering knuckle, utilize a hammer to tap on the back side of the rotor until it is free lunch from the circle bolts.

6. Deposit the inexperienced brake pads onto the walls of the caliper.

Replacing the Rotor


8. Remove the current rotor from its packaging. Spray the complete rotor with brake cleaner. Remove the brake cleaner and packing oil from the surface of the rotor with a clean towel.

9. Place the new rotor onto the wheel bolts. Make sure that the top hat section is facing outward (the top hat section is the side of the rotor with a protruding ring in the center).

10. Place the caliper with the new pads around the new rotor. Replace the caliper bolts with the 13 mm wrench.

11. Replace the wheel onto the wheel bolts and screw on the lug nuts by hand. Lift the vehicle with a lifting jack, remove the jack stands and lower the vehicle to the ground. Tighten the lug nuts with the tire iron.