Friday, 26 December 2014

Sunpro Alternator Gauge Wiring Instructions

An aftermarket voltmeter can warn you of problems with your vehicle's charging manner.

Installing a Sunpro voltmeter in your vehicle Testament dish out you a accelerated, child's play habitude to assess the health of your vehicle's charging development. The voltmeter connects to the alternator and Testament bid you, at a glance, how many volts are career generated to competency Accoutrement and to recharge the battery. Eminent voltage readings can present that there is further still need life levy on the charging system or that components in the charging action are failing. Using basic tools, the Sunpro voltmeter can be installed in any driveway or garage.


1. Disconnect the refusal battery cable, using an open-ended or adjustable wrench. Asset a suitable domicile on your dashboard to mount the Sunpro voltmeter. Recheck all connections if the voltmeter fails to function or illuminate properly.

Jog a length of 18-gauge wire from the mounting aim to a well-grounded metal factor of the vehicle. Attach the wire to the ground, using an existing bolt or a self-tapping screw. Jog another length of 18-gauge wire from the mounting stop to a switched 12-volt wire that has efficacy when the ignition switch is in the "ON," "Pace" or "Ornament" position. Connect the wire to the 12-volt source, using a wire tap-splice.

3. Strip 1/2-inch of insulation appearance the ends of the 18-gauge wires, slide a ring terminal onto the bare end of each wire and crimp the terminals using appropriately-sized wire crimpers. Pull the 18-gauge wires from behind the dashboard, through the mounting hole, to the front of the dashboard.

4. Connect the ground wire to the negative (-) terminal on the voltmeter by placing one of the included flat washers over the terminal post, followed by the ring terminal, a lock-washer and then a nut. Tighten the nut securely with an open-ended or adjustable wrench. Follow the same procedure to associate the 12-volt source to the positive (+) terminal on the voltmeter.

5. Connect the white wire from the back of the voltmeter to the dashboard lighting circuit, using a wire tap-splice. Connect the blue wire from the back of the tachometer to a vehicle ground for positive dimmer controls or to a 12-volt source for negative dimmer controls. Push all wires through the hole in the dashboard, then slide the voltmeter into the hole. Place the mounting bracket over the mounting studs on the back of the voltmeter. Thread the knurled nuts onto the mounting posts and tighten securely.

6. Reconnect the negative battery cable and tighten securely. Start the vehicle and check the voltmeter for proper operation and illumination. Lock up that there is extinction thanks to residence that could be damaged by drilling concluded the dashboard. Appliance a drill and hole-saw to chop a 2 1/16-inch gap in the dashboard.2.