Monday, 29 December 2014

Fix A Speaker Coil With An Mtx

MTX speakers and subwoofers are used in vehivle stereo installations.

A speaker coil, sometimes hackneyed as a roar coil, is what drives the cone of the speaker to ploy, creating sound. Sometimes speaker coils can melt; provided they melt then the speaker is beyond repair. A speaker coil can melt an amplifier that is rated higher than the speaker attached to it. But, a cracked speaker coil is even easier to set. Depending on the bigness of the crack, the impression may exclusive restore limited or comprehensive functionality.


1. Wait 24 hours for the silicone to dry. Reconnect the speaker once the silicone has dried. Test out the speaker at low volume first, then gradually increase volume.

It should be visible with the naked eye; however, small cracks may need to be felt with the sensitive touch of fingers or with a magnifying glass.

3. Squirt a small amount of silicone onto the tip of a finger and apply it to the crack. Make sure the silicone covers the whole crack on both sides. The final layer of silicone should be slightly less than a centimeter in height. Try to make the silicone cover smooth. Make sure the crack is entirely covered; do not be afraid to apply silicone beyond the cracked area as this may be weak as well. Do the entire process gently so as not to further damage the speaker coil.

4. Disconnect the speaker from its efficacy source.2. Boast the crack in the speaker coil. End the point of the crack on both sides of the speaker coil.