Monday, 22 December 2014

Change Brake Lines On The Motorcycle

Replace Brake Lines on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle brake lines are composite assemblies, consisting of a rubber inner hose, braided metal include, rubber outer contain and metal boundary Trimmings. Vibration, shock and over-torquing the banjo bolts are important causes of becoming failure. Flat broke routing, hose kinks, bang damage and broken down time can determinant the internal hose to tear and fail. The torn flap can sometimes figure a one-way proof valve that Testament allow pressure to be applied to the brakes however then Testament not own the coercion to bleed back, effectively locking the brake in an busy position.


1. Situate a grab pan under the caliper that is served by the brake border to be replaced. Mop off the proficient cylinder (m/c) with a Disinfected rag. Contain the switch housing near the fluid reservoir, the handlebars and the fuel vehicle with Disinfected shop rags.

2. Remove the banjo bolt that holds the becoming to the caliper with a socket and ratchet. Remove and discard the doddering crush washers. Assign the becoming over the arrest pan. Actuate the brake lever until all fluid has been purged from the action.

3. Remove the banjo bolt at the m/c. Discard the full of years crush washers. Remove any hold down clamps that may be supporting the brake line and holding it to the bike.

Clean up any fluid that may have leaked onto the vehicle.6. Fill the reservoir with fresh fluid and bleed the brakes as per factory recommendations for your year, make and model of bike. Pressure test the new line by pumping the brakes up and observing the banjo bolts and fittings for leaks. Thread the banjo bolt into the m/c and torque it to factory specifications with the torque wrench.

5. Install the crush washers and fitting onto the caliper banjo bolt. Thread the banjo bolt into the caliper but do not tighten it yet. Add fresh DOT 5 brake fluid to the reservoir and actuate the brake lever until fluid comes out at the caliper banjo bolt. Stop pumping the brake and torque the banjo bolt to factory specifications. Re-attach any brake line supports at this time.4. Place a new crush washer onto a banjo bolt then insert the bolt into the m/c fitting on the new brake line. Slip a new crush washer onto the banjo bolt, effectively sandwiching the hose fitting.

Fill the reservoir up to the "Full Cold" mark then replace the reservoir cap.