Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Easiest Method To Run Two Batteries For Any Vehicle Amplifier

The machine battery can be used to serum up the stereo amp.

Latest technology gave us many wonders. Automobile stereos from 20 oldness ago had regional functionality. Advances sanction for higher quality span and competence from inventory stereos. Amplifiers ride by bewitching an inbound word and increasing it considerably by allowing for supplementary speakers and a worthier compass of output. Connect a wire from the positive terminal of the new battery and complete the connection to the starter relay.



1. Complete your voltage needs for your vehicle and your amplifier. Consult your vehicle manufacturer to determinate the voltage output cardinal for vehicle operations. The instruction album for the amplifier will provide the wattage and voltage needs for the amplifier.

2. Consult an auto parts dealer. Purchase a new alternator that will be capable of providing sufficient voltage to run both the vehicle and amplifier while charging a second battery. With the proper alternator, a second battery will not be necessary, however, adding a second battery will ease the load off of the primary battery.

3. Install the alternator per manufacturer directions. This alternator will directly replace your existing alternator and will connect to the engine using existing connections.

4. Install the second battery in an easy to access location. When installing the battery, make sure that there is a solid tie-down holding the battery securely. After-market battery trays and tie-downs can be installed readily in any empty location within your engine compartment. If insufficient room exists, install the additional battery in the trunk or other location. You will need to drill holes into a secure location and secure the tray with bolts.

5. Wire the second battery into the circuit. You need to interrupt the existing circuit between the starter relay and battery. Run the existing positive line to the negative line of the new battery. The downside comes from the aptitude usage. Amplifiers manipulate all a bit of electricity and a 12-volt battery can peerless use so all the more. Adding an additional battery is prototype, nevertheless laborious. The steps are easy Sufficiently to buy the desired completion.