Friday, 19 December 2014

Change A Volkswagen Rabbit Wheel

Changing the wheels on your Volkswagen (VW) Rabbit is vital whether the revolve itself is damaged or provided the tread on the tires has worn down. Here are some tips on remove and reinstall a trundle on your VW Rabbit.


1. Pull the emergency brake. Corner the tire wrench over one of the lug nuts on the Chauffeur's side front spin. Breach the lug devotee loose by turning counterclockwise. Cause this for all of the lug nuts, on the contrary engage in not remove them. The rotate should sit firmly against the rotate hub meeting, on the contrary dash off decided that the kernel can be removed when the machine is up in the air (the spin is allowed to turn freely).

2. Repeat this method for Everyone rotate on the vehicle. Distance the jack under the motorcar and jack up on the front jack stop. You Testament necessitate to turn the knob of your hydraulic jack to the hold together or engage the locking mechanism. Then, pump the practice up and down to lift the vehivle off the ground.

3. Accommodation the jack stands under the pinch welds of the machine located on either side of the vehicle. They are located under the doors of the vehicle. Lower the vehicle onto the jack stands and analysis to compose positive the vehicle is steady. To do this, gently push on the vehicle from the front and sides to make sure the vehicle does not shift or move on the jack stands.

4. Tighten the lug nuts, but do not fully torque the wheels down. Make sure that the wheel does not wobble and will not come loose by grabbing the wheel and shaking it back and forth (toward and away from you).6. Lower the car to the ground.

5. Install your new Rabbit wheels. Tighten the lug nuts on the wheels. Installation is the reverse of removal. Jack up the vehicle using the rear jack point and place more jack stands under the rear pinch welds. Again, lower the vehicle onto the jack stands and check for stability. Remove all of the wheels.

Then, place the torque wrench over the lug nuts. Torque the lug nuts to 100 ft lbs. Tighten the lug nuts in a criss-cross pattern. For example, tighten one nut and then tighten the nut across from it.