Thursday, 25 December 2014

Alter The Front Pads On The 2008 Town And Country

Formidable speeds and fixed braking can author the brake pads on your 2008 Town and Territory to be remodelled worn. This wear reduces the influence of the vehicle to brake quickly when required. Whenever you take gone occupation on your front wheels, you should test the action of your front brake pads to detect whether they have need replacing. You can asset replacement front brake pads at your community Car store. The occupation Testament accept you over two hours to full.


1. Berth the motorcar jack close to the inaugural front rotate you Testament be working on. Lift the caliper away from the bracket.5. Use a pair of pliers to remove the retaining clips which hold the brake pads in place. Use your hands to unhook the brake sensor wiring from one of the brake pads.

3. Remove the lug nuts attached to the front wheel using a lug wrench. Pull the wheel away from the axle and place it to one side. Ensure you do not damage the tire or rim when removing the wheel.

4. Remove the mounting bolts which secure the brake caliper to the steering knuckle using a socket wrench. Stand your Town and Nation off the ground.2. Maneuver the jack stand underneath the frame of the vehicle alongside to the automobile jack. Lower the vehivle jack slightly so that the vehicle rests upon the jack stand.

Remove both brake pads and discard them.

6. Place the new brake pads into the same place from which you removed the old ones and secure them in place by reattaching the retaining clips onto the pads. Reconnect the brake sensor wiring to one of the brake pads.

7. Lift the brake caliper back into its bracket and secure it in place by reattaching the mounting bolts. Move the wheel back onto the axle and secure with the lug nuts. Repeat the process on the second front wheel.