Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Take Away The Ujoint From The 1994 Chevrolet Silverado

The U-joints create on the ends of the coerce shaft in the 1994 Chevy Silverado acquiesce the torque of the engine to be applied to the rear differential without binding as the rear suspension travels up and down over bumps in the means. Over bit the indicator bearings inaugurate in the U-joint's cups Testament corrode and wear. When this happens, a vibration Testament be felt while driving the Motor lorry, and an audible squeak or clunk may be heard.


Deposit a floor jack under the centre of the rear differential and lift the rear of the Motor lorry until the wheels are off the ground. Lay floor jacks under the axles, and lower the Motor lorry onto the stands. Berth the transmission in impartial.2.1. Lawns on continuous ground. Secure the front wheels using spin chocks. Disconnect the opposite battery cable using an 8 mm wrench.

Point the position of the drive shaft Towards the Driving-wheel with gray chalk. Remove the four 13 mm nuts that secure the ride shaft to the Driving-wheel of the differential. Slide the operate shaft In relation to the front of the Motor lorry and lower it down when it is gratis from the Driving-wheel. Slide the ride shaft In relation to the rear of the Motor lorry and outside of the transmission. Slide the propel shaft from under the Motor lorry.

3. Secure the manage shaft in a bench vise. Return worry doing this to prevent crushing of the drive-shaft tube. Tighten the vise individual tight Sufficiently to occupancy the guide shaft stable. Heat the existence on all sides of the U-joint cups using a propane torch. After diverse minutes of heating, the plastic retainer that secures the U-joint Mug Testament melt and ooze outside of the gap in the drive-shaft yolk that it was injected into. Go on heating until the plastic stops oozing absent of the gap. Repeat the channels for all of the U-joint cups that are secured in the manage shaft and the transmission slip yolk on the front of the propel shaft.

4. Slip the ball Seam press over the drive shaft yolk and align the hole in the press with a U-joint cup. Screw the center shaft of the press against the cup on the opposite side of the U-joint. Tighten the center shaft using an adjustable wrench until the cup is pushed out of the yolk. Repeat the process for the remaining U-joint cups.

5. Clean rust and debris from inside the yolk using sand paper or a wire brush. Apply a thin coating of chassis grease to the inside of the drive shaft yolk. Carefully remove all of the cups from the new U-joint, and add a small amount of chassis grease to the needle bearings inside. Set the cups aside carefully. Insert the T-shaped center of the new U-joint into the drive shaft yolk. Slide one of the cups into the outside of the yolk, and carefully slip the center of the U-joint into the cup. Slide the ball joint press over the yolk and use the center screw to push the new cup into the yolk until the retaining clip supplied with the new joint just slips around the cup protruding from the inside of the yolk. Repeat the process for the remaining U-joint cups.

6. Slide the drive shaft under the truck and lift the front transmission slip yolk into place near the rear of the transmission. Turn the drive shaft to align the chalk mark on the drive shaft and pinion. Slide the transmission slip yolk into the transmission. Reinstall the drive shaft on the pinion and tighten the rear U-joint U-bolts to 15 foot-pounds using a torque wrench. Lift the truck off the jack stands and remove the stands. Lower the truck to the ground, and test drive to verify the noise or vibration is gone.